It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of the upgraded website of the Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) Cameroon. This upgraded website is a platform for promoting investments at the national and international levels. It is the official entry portal for investments in Cameroon. 

The Investment Promotion Agency, created on 1 September 2005 by presidential decree and became operational in 2010, is an institution for promoting and facilitating investments. To this end, it is involved in the development and implementation of government policy in this area, which includes, among other;

This website is part of the IPAs objectives to offer investors an integrated and secure platform of information and services adapted to their concerns, especially during this period marked by the harmful effects of COVID-19 on human interactions.

The new version of the IPAs website has been redesigned, placing the investor at the heart of the system. Thanks to its new configuration, the website now offers a user-friendly and engaging interface, more sophisticated and up-to-date information, multi-easy access that also provides an interactive discussion forum for investors, and opportunities for online enquiries.

This progressive approach coincides with many reforms undertaken by the Cameroonian government under the auspices of His Excellency President Paul BIYA to provide better investor support services and a business-friendly environment. Thus, after the enactment of the new investment law of 18 April 2013, which includes the creation of a one-stop shop at the IPA, the IPA commits more to adopt innovative communication tool.

In addition, the continuous improvement of the business climate through multiple reforms, the establishment of institutions dedicated to good governance and public-private dialogue such as the Cameroon Business Forum, the enactment of special laws governing PPPs, are all actions initiated by the government aimed at increasing Cameroon’s attractiveness to investment.

The combined efforts of the government and the development of Cameroon’s comparative advantages (geostrategic position, abundance of human and natural resources, competitive costs of factors of production, important basic infrastructure, institutional, legislative and regulatory reforms in line with the evolution of international standards) undoubtedly help to raise the level of foreign direct investment (FDI) flow in the country. 

Cameroon is now committed to meeting the challenge in accordance with the Country’s Growth and Jobs Strategy Document (DSCE), which is committed to positioning Cameroon as an emerging country by 2035. 

With this in mind, my humble opinion is that the community of both local and foreign investors can find this website as an important tool to help them conduct informative research on the conduct of business in Cameroon and facilitate their decision to invest in the country.

The IPA team is at your service to respond to any concerns you may have about investing in Cameroon. Looking forward to seeing you soon in Cameroon. Kind regards
Marthe Angeline MINJA
General Manager, IPA Cameroon