Oil Seeds
  • Imports amounting to $17 million, indicating potential to meet demand through local production
  • Unmet local and regional demand for edible oil, animal feed and fuel; booming global demand and prices
  • Oilseed production has beneficial impact upon other sectors within the economy and thus potential for knock-on effect is great
  • Cameroon offers optimal growing conditions in abundance. Surface area, rainfall, climate and soil conditions are conducive to production of oilseeds
  • 90% of all rice consumed locally is imported, indicating significant gap between local demand and supply
  • Rice is second main staple food in the country
  • World consumption expected to increase dramatically, and not likely to be offset by moderate expansion in production, indicating a gap between global demand and supply
  • Favourable agricultural conditions for rice-growing
  • 15% of local maize needs satisfied through imports, indicating shortfall between local demand and supply and opportunity to boost production and close the gap.
  • Global demand for maize for use in biofuel, feedstock sectors expected to grow unmatched by increases in supply and, as such, shortfall in global supply anticipated
  • Optimal production zones within Cameroon
  • Potential for large job creation